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PSAT stands for Preliminary SAT. It is good practice for the SAT, which contains the same types of questions. The PSAT tests critical reading, math problem solving, and writing skills.
 (26 votes) Suggested by:Rahin
Ratios and Proportions Worksheets
Writing ratios (fraction form), Solving proportions word problems.
 (18 votes) Suggested by:Naveena
Face Off - Fun Pictures
You can be batman .. you can be Buzz Lightyear .. you can be Barbie. Try the fun pictures. Please see FAQ for printing instructions.
 (19 votes) Suggested by:Shyam
Bugs Life (or Snake Game)
Bugs Life (or Snake Game) is a fun game to play. Games category.
 (16 votes) Suggested by:Naveena
Magic Bubble - Math game to sequence numbers
A fun game to sequence 16 numbers in right order with the help of a magic bubble
 (20 votes) Suggested by:inetslice
Free Fractions Math Worksheets
Create or Generate your own fraction math worksheets for grades 3 4 5 6
 (19 votes) Suggested by:Naveena
Practice Divide Numbers Online
Practice division math online and print your score card
 (17 votes) Suggested by:Naveena
SAT PSAT words game
Improve your vocabulary for SAT or PSAT test.
 (19 votes) Suggested by:Sam
Percent Grid Worksheets
Percent grid worksheets for 3rd grade children. You can print 10x10 grid or 1x10 grid.
 (12 votes) Suggested by:Naveena
a fun math website with lots of games and activities about math.
 (15 votes) Suggested by:michele akins
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